Club Penguin Puffle Party Full Party Guide!

The Puffle Party has been released! and its really cool.It has 1 free item for non-members and 1 free item for members.Also I heard that if you have up to 10 people wearing orange you could find the orange puffle somewhere on the island.Ok here is the guide for the Puffle Party.

Free items

Free Item For Non-Members and Members

  • Go to the Plaza
  • Go to the Box that says free
  • Press Yes

Members Only Item

  • Go to the Ski Village
  • Go in the Puffle Show
  • Go to the box that says free
  • Press Yes

Puffle Rooms

  • Black – Underground Pool
  • Pink – Iceberg
  • Green – Beacon
  • Yellow – Lighthouse
  • Red – Cove
  • Blue – Forest
  • White – MIne Shack
  • Purple – Night Club

About The Puffle Show

The Puffle Show is a room in the Ski Village  that you can make your puffles do things its very fun for you and your puffles.The best part in there is the Puffle Obstacle Course.There is also a Puffle Grooming Booth where you can groom your puffles by walking up to a chair and each Puffle has its own hairstyle.In the Obstacle Course it depends on the Puffle on how fast it will be.For example the Black Puffle won’t do the course.It will just yawn and walk to the finish line and stick out its tounge at you.


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