Guide To The New Club Penguin Game Puffle Rescue

Hello sorry for the late post but My computer is going wacky and keeps going up,down,left, and right without me even touching the arrow keys.So I will do the Pin thing tommorow if my computer is not wacky anymore.Anyway here is the Guide through Puffle Rescue!

1.Log into Club Penguin

2.Click on your Map on the lower left side of your screen.

3.Click the Mine

4.Go inside the Mine Shack

5.You will see a table and a Bulletin Board above it.

When you press the Bulletin Board you will get a message on your screen saying “Would you like to play Puffle Rescue.” Press Yes then this will show up.The reason no penguins are around is because I have this thing which can have no penguins in the room and show the updated stuff in it.So if you have a website and you don’t want lagging or penguins in your picture you can click this link and the words near swf change that to a room on club penguin  and boom you have your pic.

The Pink and Black Puffle Rescues are for Members only.Sorry Non-Members.

How to rescue the Puffles:

Blue Puffle: Jump over blocks of ice to get to the Blue Puffle.The father you get the harder it gets.

Pink Puffle:  You will need to jump over Mine Carts as you get farther it gets harder.

Black Puffle: (Hardest One!) You will swim across the sea of Club Penguin to get to the Black Puffle.

You will get a Thank You Note from the Puffle you just rescued every time you rescue one.

Also the cave has re-opened when you get to the mud you will need to dig in the mud for coins using your construction helmet.

Also do you remember the Member’s Only Part of the Cave It’s back also! there lies a key just like the Rockhopper Key but there is moss all over that thing.But when you try to get into the room this note comes up.

Now you have to go back to the Mine and play the Black puffle game.

1.Get the Black Puffle

2.Follow the Giant Squid

3.Use the bubbles as your guide and wait for them to get big then you can keep going.

4.Keep following the Giant Squid untill you get to the secret room.

Once you get into the secret room you will go to the Underwater Cave and waddle over to the key same spot where the Background was.Then you have a new pin which is rare because Non Members can’t get it and its very difficult for most people to get to the secret room.Most people get confused and get lost and have to start all over again and again.Also I went Ice Skating with my friends over my Spring Break.I fell on my butt alot and I got out cause I wanted my behind to stay the same shape not all flat I never liked that sport.

Even though I have a wacky keyboard I still think this is a great game I hope the cave is going to be kept.How do you like this game tell me by leaving a comment below this post please no bad words if you don’t like this game.



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  1. Help me! How to play swf game Puffle Rescue?

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