Club Penguin April Fools Party Ultimate Guide!

The April Fools party is here I was so early for this because I woke up at 5:00 A.M. I woke my brother up and I had a pie right in front of his face then he put his head up and his face landed right in the pie.I was laughing so hard.But now back to the topic of this post.

Free Items:

1.Log in

2.Open up your map

3.Go to the Dock

4.Throw Paint at the Paper thingy.

5.Your free item is a Red Propeller Hat.

Members Only Item:

1.Log in

2.Open your Map

3.Go to the Snow Forts

4.Enter the door

5.Your free item is a King Jester Hat

Some other cheats or information about the April Fools Party.

  • In A Silly Place you see a door right? well go through it and click the other side where the 2nd door is and you’ll get there.
  • Almost every box in this party does an action maybe in the futture that will be a new action.
  • In the Forest you can see the roots of the trees.
  • When you go in the Coffee Shop,Gift Shop,and Night Club  and when you try to get out (not with map) you’ll go to the iceberg!
  • You can walk up to no farther than the roofs of the buildings in the Town (not the Night Club)
  • The door in the Beach when you try to go through it takes you to the Lighthouse.
  • The pictures in the Lighthouse are upside down.
  • At the Mine it does nothing you can just see messages and it keeps going on and on.Just pretend the Mine was there and you go through it and you will!

This is one of the few websites that support this information.So this is an Ultimate Guide so it has to be long.Happy April Fools Day! Do you like this party better than last years April Fools Party?



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