Club Penguin Earth Day Party Ultimate Guide!

The Earth Day party is now here I thought it was going to be yesterday. But the party is so cool I will also show you all the cheats for this party. I’m thinking I’ll be quitting blogging when it 2011. But I’ll think about it.

Free Items:

If you dance with the Straw Gardening Hat you will be sprinkling water out of a can!

Scavenger Hunt:

1.Tea Cup Located : Coffee Shop

2.Puffle O Box Located: Pet Shop

3.Barrel Located: Cove

4. Hot Sauce Bottle Located: Dojo Courtyard

5.Java Bean Bag Located: Book Room

6.Newspaper Located: Forest

7.Pizza Box on Tubes Located: Ski Village

8.Bin Of Water Located: Mine Shack

Now you can claim your prize and go into the Recycling Plant!

Here is the inside of the Recycling Plant

Also when you throw snowballs the snowball will be a random item you collected in the Recycle Hunt!

Also there is a path in the Forest that leads to the Mine! now new people can get to the Mine without having to use the Map! I really like this feature. The Recycling Plant will also stay even after the party!

Get Recycling! I had a blast at this party! I love the new features to making Club Penguin greener. Have fun at the Earth Day Party!



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