About Pandaman5523

Hi my name is Pandaman5523 I’m 11 years old and I love playing Club Penguin! it’s such a fun game and I know people who visit this site like Club Penguin too. But now I’ll give you more info about me.


Penguin Name:Pandaman5523

Favorite Color:Green

What I Can’t Live Without:My iPhone,my Computer,my TV,my Skateboard

Favorite Type of Food:Chinese, Italian, Mexican.

What I want destroyed and never to be seen again: School

Well that’s some information about myself and I hope you enjoy my website!



One Response

  1. cool site and i think we’ve meet before and i was trying to get more viewers to ur site or was it someone else
    because i remember ur about!!

    and i think we were friends but then deleted me!!??!?!?

    if u remember me im raff16 think alot for this!

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