Club Penguin Rumors

Key: (put one of these below each rumor)

  • TRUE-The rumor has been confirmed.
  • FALSE-The rumor has been confirmed that it isn’t true.
  • UNKNOWN-The rumor has not been confirmed yet, but might be true.


  • The Yellow Puffle was a rumor in 2007. It started when a book was released in the Library that had a Golden Puffle in it. It could be seen randomly in the Stage.
    • In November 2007, the Yellow Puffle become available in the Pet Shop.
    • TRUE
  • The White Puffle is a rumor that started in February 2009. It began when the Puffle Party 2009 started. Every 30 minutes (XX:00 and XX:30) a White Puffle could be seen in the Dojo Courtyard. You could also see one at the Ski Hill every 30 minutes (XX:15 and XX:45).
    • During March 2009, the White Puffle was released in the Pet Shop.
    • TRUE


    • There are also rumors of Golden, Rainbow, and Dark Blue Puffles.
    • Lots of people show fake videos on YouTube of these puffles by using Paint programs to make them look like real Puffles.
    • FALSE
  • There are rumors that if you tip the Iceberg or adopt every Puffle, you get a Puffle that isn’t blue, red, pink, black, green, purple, yellow, or white.
    • This is false because many Penguins have bought every Puffle.
    • FALSE
  • There is a rumor that Puffles will get clothes to wear.
    • This is because there are 4 leftover boxes in the Puffle Inventory.
  • There is a rumor about a Ninja Puffle.
    • The White Puffle could be a Ninja Puffle:
      • Because it is spotted with Sensei.
      • Because it sleeps like the 2 puffle statues at the Dojo Courtyard


  • There is a rumor about an Orange Puffle.
    • In the Night Club the lights flash all Puffle Colors but Purple. They also show orange.
      • The Orange Puffle has been spotted on February 2010 and found at at Box Dimension, Ski Village, and in the Ski Lodge in the Cuckoo Clock.
    • True


Before November 2008, it was impossible to become a Ninja (unless you hack, which is illegal).

  • Sanity Penguin started a rumor that if you went into the Dojo and stayed idle for 30 minutes, you would become a Ninja.
    • This is impossible because after being idle for 10 minutes, you would automatically be disconnected.
    • FALSE
  • There were several rumors about a “Ninja Hideout” that obviously only Ninjas could access.
    • In November 2008, it became possible to become a Ninja and the “Ninja Hideout” was actually accesible.
    • TRUE

Tipping the Iceberg

  • There are lots of people who say it’s possible to tip the Iceberg. Then, you would have access to the Iceberg catalog. This rumor has never been really proved, yet there are many videos in the Youtube which show someone tipping it.
  • There was some rumors from penguins saying that if you put anvils on one side the other side would flip over and the anvils will sink to the bottom of the water, after that the bottom of the iceberg will stay facing up unless another bunch of anvils are placed.

Rockhopper Island

  • It is rumored that if you stay on the Migrator right before Rockhopper leaves, you’ll get to sail with him to Rockhopper Island.
    • CAUTION: Attempt at your own risk. You could get logged off, lose coins, lose anything you did since you logged on, etc. We are not responsible to anything that happens to your Penguin/Account.
    • FALSE
  • Another rumor is that if you jump off of the landing pad on Jet Pack Adventure, you will appear at Rockhopper Island.
    • This rumor is untrue, because it is impossible to fall off the landing pad.
    • FALSE
  • Another rumor is that if you get to Level 20 in Hydro Hopper, you will end up on Rockhopper Island.



  • It was rumored that there wouldn’t be any April Fool’s Day Party in 2009.
    • If you go to Billybob gave a sneek peek of the party.
    • FALSE
  • It is rumored that at the Easter Egg Hunt 2009, there will be yellow bunny ears as the item given out.
    • Yellow bunny ears have never been given out, but pink has been.
    • FALSE
  • It is rumored that there will be a Waddle on Water Party 2009, and a summer kickoff party 2009.
    • The music jam is already happening, so the parties may not happen.

Video Games

  • It is rumored that another video game based on Club Penguin will be released.
    • The first one was the Nintendo DS game, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, released in November 2008.
    • Club Penguin is making a new game called Herbert’s Revenge and is coming out soon.
    • True


  • It was rumored that if no one was on the Night Club Rooftop landing pad, Cadence would come.
    • Billybob told us on the blog that this is false.
    • FALSE
  • It is rumored that Cadence is controlled by Happy77.



  • It is rumored that Rockhopper is related to Sensei.
    • They both have beards, eyebrows, wear hats, and are wise.
    • It could be not because, on a question Rockhopper, he said: Sensei?? Who’s Sensei??, obviously he doesnt knows Sensei.

Uncle Arctic

  • It’s rumored that Uncle Arctic is married to Aunt Arctic.
  • When you try to log into him it does not say “Penguin Not Found”. Instead it says “Incorrect Password”. Also when you try to name your penguin “Uncle Arctic”, it will say that the name is taken. However, this is untrue. On one blog website, it showed a picture of a penguin named Uncle Arctic. Below the picture it says, “What Uncle arctic may look like.” So, when it says name taken on the Log In screen, it means someone else pretened to be Uncle Arctic (but no one can do that because Uncle Arctic is banned forever).
    • FALSE


  • Jester was rumored to be a famous penguin on Club Penguin. He had Aunt Arctic’s glasses and pencil. He also wore the jester suit.
  • Some people think he’s famous because of his impossible to get clothing items.
  • Some people think he’s fake because he doesn’t give out a background.

Hider of the Ice Rink

  • It is rumored that he discovered a new room under the Ice Rink.
  • It is also rumored that he broke the glass of the ice pond and swam to the Ice Rink.

Wow Awesome Facts To Know! If Any Rumors Are Left Out Tell Us.(Tell Us Widget In The Making).

4 Responses

  1. W O W…..Those rumors are sooo cool!

  2. I just emailed club penguin a few minute ago and they replied
    ”Great question! I’ve hear rumors of an orange puffle but have yet to see one. Don’t hesitate to reply back if you spot one as we are greatly interested in this mystery.”Hope that helps with the orange puffle mystery…a little.

  3. I just emailed club penguin a few minutes ago and they replied
    ”Great question! I’ve heard rumors of an orange puffle but have yet to see one. Don’t hesitate to reply back if you spot one as we are greatly interested in this mystery.”Hope that helps with the orange puffle mystery…a little

  4. where did you get that info? it is awesome!

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