How To Become A Ninja

First off you don’t have to be a certain age to be a Ninja.There is this game called Card Jitsu its like Rock,Paper,Scissors but with Snow,Fire,and Water.Ok here is how to earn your belts.

1.Log In

2.Open your Map

3.Click on the Dojo (building in mountains.)

4.Go inside the Dojo

5.Talk to the Sensei

6.Get your cards

Battle and battle until your a Black Belt.You won’t lose your belt you earn them and keep them you will never lose them.Also don’t use the blue mats it takes longer to earn your belts that way.Use them only if you want to play with friends.

How To Play:

Remember this Fire Beats Snow, Water Beats Fire, Snow Beats Water.

To get your Black belt you must first earn 8 other belts.When you become a Black Belt challenge Sensei it will take a few tries but you will beat him and you will get your Ninja Mask.When you get your Ninja Mask you will be able to enter the Ninja Hideout.The Ninja Hideout is on the left side of the Dojo it’s behind a Stone Door.In the Ninja Hideout you can buy Ninja Gear at the Flying Flippers Emporium.(Must be member to buy equipment)

Here is about how much you have to get your next belt.

White Belt : 5-7 wins

Yellow Belt : 7-13

Orange Belt : 8-14

Green Belt : 9-15

Blue Belt : 10-16

Red Belt : 12-17

Purple Belt : 13-18

Brown Belt : 11-19

Black Belt : 10-20

Congratulations on being a Ninja I know it takes hard work,and long time to earn your Black Belt and Ninja Mask.


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