How To Become A Secret Agent

First off wait untill your Penguin is 30 Days old.When you are 30 days old click on the Moderator’s Badge on the top right hand side of your screen it looks like this.

A note should open up that has Become A Secret Agent on the bottom of the note.Press it then just push the buttoms till you get to a note that says Are you ready to take the challenge to become a Secret Agent? Then press Yes now you will have to asnwer a few questions.

1. Pick one quality that you think a Secret Agent should have

A: Honest

2. Pick a correct reason to report a penguin to a moderator

A: Being Mean or Rude

3. What would you do if you saw a penguin breaking the rules?

A: Report them

4. What type of personel information should be reported?

A: Saying their address

5. Pick one reason why you want to be a Secret Agent

A: I want to keep Club Penguin safe

6.Pick another reason why you want to be a Secret Agent

A: I want to help other penguins

Then your done your a Secret Agent now! But did you notice you didn’t get your Spy Phone yet? Well to get it do this just Log Off then Log on again to get it.Here are some other tips,hints that I know.

  • You can access rooms by using your Spy Phone
  • There are some tools on your Spy Phone.
  • You can access the HQ (Headquarters) by pressing the Visit HQ Button.
  • You can do missions can get rewards on them.You will get 2 if you do everything you need to.
  • You can buy Spy Gear in the F.I.S.H and you can view what you can do in there too.Must be paid member to buy Spy Gear.
  • You can teleport to a room by clicking a computer screen in the HQ.
  • You can go to the Command Room if you have the DS Game called Elite Penguin Force (E.P.F) Some people say this is fake but its not.There is a code in the box that you can enter in so you can access it.

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